Weight Loss What Foods To Avoid

foods to avoid for a flat stomach

Hello Readers, Today we will get to know about the weight loss what foods to avoid. We all have eating desires but in order to get something you need to put something on line. In the case when you want to lose weight. You will have to cut on your calories by eating less.

In order to lose weight you need to cut on your calories and this could only be achieved by removing certain high calorie food from your diet.The thing to keep in mind is in order to see results you should not take any of the cheat meals.

Here is the List of Food items to Avoid during weight loss-

1.Weight Loss What Foods To Avoid-Ice-Cream

ice cream, foods to avoid

Though it is very tasty but the thing is it is very harmful especially during weight loss as Ice-Cream consists of 140 calories, 7 grams of total fat, 4 g of saturated fat. One should not eat ice cream as it will never help you get lean and build muscles. Try to avoid sugars as they are of no use for our body.

Low sugar ice-creams are bad too. However, you can eat it once in a while. Therefore you should try to avoid such sugary compounds.


alcohol, weight loss foods to avoid

Drinking of alcohol is harmful though it might be advised to drink red wine or any other alcohol but the thing is it will make you fat.

Consumption of alcohol not only increases stress on your body but also uses the anti-oxidants to metabolize the alcohol you drink. Alcohol should be avoided as these are not easily digestible.These anti-oxidants help in the muscle recovery and helps you build muscles but due to alcohol, it slows down its process of muscle recovery.


butter,Here you will get to know about the weight loss what foods to avoid and also you will get to know about the tips given by most of the trainers.

Butter is a pure source of fat. we all know about the amount of calories in fats so eating butter cannot be helpful especially during weight loss.

It is purely made up of fat. The amount of fat in 1 stick of butter is 145% of the daily recommendation of fat.Actually, you should try to eat canola oil or other things which consist of lesser fats. Canola oil can be helpful and try to take non-stick utensils for the purpose of cooking.

4.Weight Loss What Foods To Avoid-Sodasoda, foods to avoid

Soda are one of the most important factor to avoid. In the list of weight loss what foods to avoid soda is one of the key items in the list.It consists of nothing good for your body. No doubt it tastes really good, but it consists of only sugar in water. Secondly, we all know that sugar is not easily digestible. Instead of soda try to drink  lemon with water. If you wish to you can also check this on youtube.



However, it tastes very good, but it is very high in calories. Secondly, it is made up of processed cheese. Try to avoid eating it as this will increase your calorie intake which will eventually help you increase weight instead of loosing it.

One pizza slice contains 256 calories. Therefore, if you take one whole pizza it will be about 1000 calories which becomes a major portion of your calories requirement per day.

6. Food consisting of Added Sugaradded sugar

Added sugar mostly leads to severe diseases it also affects your metabolism. That’s why it is recommended to not eat all of the fat free foods as the manufactures usually add added sugar to obtain the same taste.


Eating nothing is a very big problem in most of the countries people think that if they will not eat and skip meals they will loose weight but that’s not the case. You will skip meals and then you will have a big meal to fill your empty stomach so avoid these kind of mistakes.Eating nothing is also a bad habit. Firstly, it is dangerous for your health. Secondly, you become lazy.Instead, you should eat 4-5 times a day. Take smaller meals. Prefer not to eat junk food.

While loosing you must eat fibrous food. Following a particular diet often leads to problems in digestion after you leave the diet but that’s common for all so there is nothing to worry about. Running plays a vital role in weight loss. Do more cardio as this will help yoiu loose weight fast. Now the most important thing is try to make lemon water by adding honey instead of sugar and drink it early morning this will really help you in loosing weight.

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