How to Lose Chest Fat without Surgery in 12 weeks

How to Lose Chest Fat

Hello guys, today, you’ll get to know about the reasons for excessive chest fat and also how to lose chest fat within 12 weeks without any surgery.

In today’s era, excessive chest fat is one of the most common problems due to bad eating habits and a very lazy schedule followed by most of the people.

Reasons for Excessive Chest Fat

As you know, everyone has a different body shape. Due to which they carry fat in different parts of the body. So, sometimes excessive chest fat can be genetic.

Chest fat

Excessive chest fat may also be caused due to low testosterone levels in the body (also called gynecomastia).

 What is Gynecomastia and Why it is caused?

Gynecomastia is the swelling of breast tissues in males.

Gynecomastia (reason of chest fat)

If you are in stress or you are depressed or you are not taking a good sleep your body will not produce enough amount of testosterone and testosterone level in the body decreases. This is the most common reason for gynecomastia.

It may also be caused due to the side effects of some medicines such as antibiotics, steroids, ulcer medicines, cancer treatment medicines, etc.

Gynecomastia is most probably to happen at the time of infancy, puberty or between the age of 50-80 years.

How to Remove Stubborn fat deposited in Chest

If it’s not due to Gynecomastia it can be diminished by proper workout and a good diet plan.

For losing fat you need to understand how fat loss works.                                                                                                              According to “FORBES EQUATION” to lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3500 calories by taking a calorie deficient diet as well as through exercises.

Before you start, you’ve to understand that targeting fat from one major part of the body without dropping fat from the rest of the body is not possible. So, to reduce fat from the chest you’ve to reduce the overall body fat.

For fat loss you must look after these factors:

Diet: To reduce body fat you’ve to take a calorie deficient diet. To know about the food items to be avoided while fat loss click on next.

Proper workout: The exercises in your workout plan should have a high rep range. You should do intense cardio workouts for your warm-up before every weight training session for more fat loss.

Patience: You should have patience as it is not easy to lose stubborn fat deposits from the chest. So, don’t expect an immediate change in your body.

A lot of people do this mistake, they workout without taking proper rest.


How to make a calorie deficient diet

As you know, 1 gm fat contains 9 calories which are a large amount as compared to 1 gm carbs or protein as they contain only 4 calories. So, you have to cut excessive fat from your diet to create a calorie deficit diet.

You have to follow a low-fat diet throughout the fat loss session. Try to take a large amount of protein in your diet along with a medium amount of carbs and a very low amount of fat.

DON’T cut fats completely from your diet as it is also very essential for your body.

If you cut 500 calories from your everyday diet, you’ll be able to lose one pound fat per week.

Fat Burning  Exercises


 It is one of the best bodyweight exercises to get the chest in shape and burn the fat more efficiently if done in the proper way.

Push-ups(for middle chest)

While doing standard push-ups you must take a little pause at the bottom and should do slow negatives(i.e your pace must be slow when you’re going downwards).


This is a good exercise as when you push the bar you’ll be able to feel the blood rushing in your chest.

Bench Press(targets middle chest)

It is similar to the standard push-ups i.e. slow negatives, little pause at the bottom and also in addition to it you’ve to balance the bar in this exercise.


Most of the fat deposits in the lower chest which is very tough to target. This exercise will help you target stubborn fat deposits in the lower chest.

Cable Cross-over (best exercise to lose chest fat)

The proper way to do this exercise is to concentrate on the squeeze when you lower down the cable. When you lower down the cable take a 3-sec pause for a good squeeze. It will help you burn fat more easily.


It is also a squeeze based exercise.  It is also done in the same manner as cable cross-over i.e. 3-sec pause on the squeeze. The only difference between Peck-Deck flies and Cable cross-over is Cable Cross-over targets lower chest and Peck-Deck flies target middle chest.

Peck-Deck Flies



It is the most effective bodyweight exercise for the lower chest.

While doing this exercise you must take care of the proper form as in this exercise if the angle of your back changes a little it will make a lot of difference.

Chest dips

If you look down towards the earth and lean a slight forward it will target the lower chest whereas if you’ll not lean and then it will target your triceps.


You must do high-intensity cardio workouts for fat loss. Some of the simple and good cardio exercises are:

  • Stair Stepper.
  • Jumping Rope.
  • Biking.
  • Jumping Jacks.
  • Running at a moderate pace.

For more results, do these exercises every day for 20-40 min before your weight training sessions.

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