How To Get Bigger Biceps

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There is always a desire in almost all men to get bigger biceps. This may not only be to attract women but also for their physical fitness. Although, we try to focus more on how to get bigger biceps through exercises but this is not the only point to get bigger biceps. You must try to keep proper check of your diet and focus on the amount of calories you take. The calories you take should not be from fatty foods. Try to take in more fiber and protein as this well help you in building more muscles. We all try to look muscular and if not muscular then at least physically fit.

Try to focus on the calorie intake and avoid junk food as this will not help in building muscles but it will make you look fat though. Nothing can be achieved staying in the comfort zone. So you must focus on putting more pressure on your muscles for building them. Most common mistake is we lift heavier weights in the starting which makes it difficult to go to gym the next day, so lift according to your strength.

Firstly, always try to warm up your body and then try to do proper training. Warm-up makes your muscle ready to workout properly.

For getting best results on

How To get Bigger Biceps-

Follow the following exercises-

1.Incline Dumbbell Curls-incline dumbell curl



Reps- 10

Sit on an inline chair. Keep you foot on the ground, fully extend your arms on the sides. Curl one dumbbell at a time and do it alternatively.

Try to bring down the dumbbell slowly so as to put more pressure on the muscles.

2. Concentration Curls

one arm concentration curls
Concentrated bending arms with a dumbbell.


Sets- 3

Reps- 10

It is very useful in building your biceps. Try to lean forward a little so that your elbow is touching the inside of that side knee and your arm could be fully extended. Try to curl the dumbbell towards your chest and release the dumbbell slowly to put on more pressure on the muscles.

3. Chin-upschin ups, How to get bigger biceps



It might be difficult to perform but is very beneficial for your overall fitness. It not only helps in building biceps but also helps in the development of your back muscles and forearms. Lift until you chin is higher than your hands and do it regularly to increase your strength. Try to take support in the starting so that you can perform it properly. After gaining strength try to do it with weights to further increase your strength.

4. Barbell curlbarbell curl, How to get bigger biceps



Reps- 10

Drop set- 1

Try to do 3 regular sets of 10 reps and then perform one drop set. Drop set is lifting the maximum weight with 4-7 reps and then continuously reducing the weight and increasing the reps. Drop set will make you feel exhausted and you can see the pump in your biceps.

Finish the exercise by taking 5 kg dumbbells and then performing as many reps as you can.

Basic Things to Keep in Mind

1. Take Less Time to Train-

You must take less time to train as longer workouts of biceps usually results in injury so prefer not to train muscles for that long. Try to avoid wasting time during workouts and prefer to perform the exercises with full strength. Taking less time will not only help you to save time but will help you in increasing the size of biceps.

2.Eat Protein Rich Diet-protein diet, How to get bigger biceps

You should follow protein-rich diet so that your muscles get proper nutrition. Protein should be taken according to the lean body mass. You can calculate your personal lean body mass and then take the protein accordingly. Eating egg without York and having tofu is a very good as well as budget friendly idea.

3.Take Enough Sleep-sleep

Rest is very important in building muscles. If you are not taking proper rest then your muscles might get injured resulting in complete rest for a long span of time. During rest your muscles recover and you can again workout with full strength. If you are not taking proper rest then you might not be able to grow the size of your biceps.

4.Try to exercise twice a week-

According to research, your muscle recovers after 2-3 days so you should prefer training the same body part twice a week. You should follow a particular plan. Full body workouts is a good option but you must train every single muscle at least twice a week and after keeping a gap of at least 2 days.

5.Perform Exercises Properly-

Most of the beginners don’t know how to perform a particular exercise which results in injury. Having said that you should prefer to learn the exercise from a trainer or from you tube which will help you in performing the exercise properly. As not performing the exercises correctly might lead to bad body posture or might even lead to injury.

6. Never Lift Out Of Jealousy-

You should try to focus on the weights you can lift  rather than increasing weight after seeing others and in the end resulting in injuries. Every human being has a different body and a different body strength. Try to keep a record of the weights you are lifting and amount of reps you are doing and try to increase them day by day.

7. Maintain a Routine-

Always try to follow a routine as this will help you in tracking your pace as well as increasing the muscular look. People who are involved in more physical work are said to be more free from diseases and health problems than those who are less involved in physical workout.

If you want me to make a proper diet chart then comment in the comment section. You can also check my blog on the Triceps Workout at Home.

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