Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass

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Hello readers,Today we will get to know about the Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass.

All of us want a v shaped body. For  a v shaped body making your upper body wide will help. So today you will get to know about the  best exercises for broadening your shoulders and the Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass. Although, most people prefer biceps and triceps, shoulders exercise is also very important. However, if you follow this routine, you will see great results.  Our Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass will make you look attractive. Getting into proper v shape is very difficult. Proper training and hard-work can play a major role in this. Firstly try to make a proper routine. Try to avoid eating junk. secondly, prefer not to remain on fast for long.

Here are the Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass-

1. Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass-Barbell Push Pressbarbell [push pressBest Shoulder Workouts For Mass


Reps- 8

Try to do 3 regular sets and then one dead set.

Hold the barbell with palms facing forward and bend your knees a little to initiate the movement. Push your legs and lift the barbell above the head now come back to the initial position. To make it easier for you I am adding a link to get the complete way how to perform it.

For video of Barbell Press

2.Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press-dumbbell shoulder press, Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass


Sets -4


Try to do 3 regular sets and then one dead set. Dead set is when you should drop weight continuously and try to increase the number of reps. Moreover, you should try to do exercise without support.

Sit with dumbbells at shoulder height and then extend your arms fully. for the video tutorial open the given link.

For video of Seated Dumbbell Press

3.Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Flyseated bent over rear delt flies



Reps- 8

Do all the sets regular. No dead set is required. Dead set is basically for pump.

Sit on a bench, lean forward and hold the dumbbell in both the hands. continue to lean forward while raising your arms to the sides.

For Video On Seated Bent Over Rear Delt Fly

4.Lateral Raiselateral raise


Sets -3


Do regular sets.

Try to use light weights in the starting as this is a bit difficult exercise.

Hold the dumbbells by your side with palms facing body. Keep your upper body still and lift the dumbbells up-to your shoulder height with the elbows bend. Repeat this exercise. Perform it cautiously. Come to the rest position slowly so as to put more stress.

For video of Lateral Raise

5. Push-upspush ups

Push-ups play a major role in broadening your shoulders. It also helps in building chest muscles. If you are a beginner try to do 10 push-ups in the first set, 10 in the second and as many sets as you can in the third. As a result you train your shoulders as well as chest. The clap push-up is also very good for making muscle strength, increasing power. It is also very good for triceps and building the upper body.

6.Best Shoulder Workouts For Mass-Dumbbells Front Raisefront raise , shoulder workout for mass




Do 1 super set with as much weight you can hold.

Try to hold the weight when you lift it at the height of your shoulders. Slowly bring down the weights in order to put more stress on your body.

For video of dumbbell front raise

Wide shoulders help you look attractive. Having wide shoulders help you get a v shaped body which is a dream of many people. Well developed shoulders help you perform tasks easily.

Though bone structure cannot be changed because it is genetic. Try to strengthen your shoulders as this will help you in long run. You will not be able to see results immediately but after continuous hard-work you will feel really proud of you.

If you want more impressive caps try to do more lateral. You can also do cable seated lateral raise.

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Hope you liked my blog and found it informative.

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