Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast

Lose weight fast
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Hello readers,Today we will get to know the Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast and some important tips on how to get rid of the excess fat.

Firstly, Cardio plays a very important role in weight loss. If done under proper supervision it can yield the best results. You will loose weight quickly if you are a beginner and then the process will slow down a little. This is because your body becomes familiar with your workout routine so try to bring continuous changes in the routine. Try to avoid eating excess calories. The game of weight loss depends  basically on the calorie-in and calorie out.

Try to stay in Calorie-deficit. Try to take less fats. Following keto-diet is not that bad unless you follow it for a long time. Although, it will reduce your muscle mass as well.

Here are the Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast-

1. Running or Jogging-running, how to lose weight fast

You can Never increase a particular muscle or reduce the fat from a particular body part. So try to burn calories while running which will eventually help you decrease your overall body fat percentage. The best thing about running is you can do it wherever you want. The only thing required is determination. I am saying this with this personal experience that running helps a lot i losing weight. Some say that it also reduces muscle mass. It is partially true running at a constant won’t effect much on your muscle mass.  Always do warm-up and try to cool down before and after running respectively. That’s why it comes on the first position in our list of Best Exercises To Lose Weight Fast .

2. Bicycling-bicycling. how to lose weight fast

It is a great way of burning more calories and making your legs strong. It also helps in travelling as well as keeping yourself fit. The best part being you can do it anytime there are no boundaries. The only thing to keep in mind is bicycle according to your need. Try not to skip meals as this will reduce your potential to workout. Having a short track in the beginning and increasing it later on is a good idea.

3.Elliptical Training-elliptical training. How to lose weight fast

For those who are have joint problem or are basically aged and can’t run elliptical training is a good option. It helps in increasing your endurance and increasing your overall fitness.  Try to increase the intensity and duration in order to reduce your weight.

4.Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers


It helps in working many muscle groups together thus making it a whole package. Try to do it regularly you might not be good enough in the starting but will soon get used to it. Focus more on improving your previous best.


This is very important in strengthening your core. Start simply without any weights but later on add weights and thus increase the time you can do it.

1.Side Planks-side plank

It helps in reducing the side fat. Though, there is no such exercise which can help in decreasing the fat from particular body part but it helps for sure.

6. Jumping jacks-jumping jacks


The key feature is you can do it anywhere also it helps in increasing the overall fitness of the body. It works on glutes, quadriceps, hip flexors.

Though, cardio is very important but another most important thing is eating good food. Try not to skip any meal instead take 4 meals. Focus on keeping your calories lesser than the daily amount and you will see the change. Now it depends on you how much low calories you can eat.

Weight training cannot be neglected it is necessary to strengthen the core. This will help in tightening of the skin and eventually help in decreasing the fat. You can check my other blogs to know about the different routines to be followed during different exercises. Try to keep record of your improvement as this will help you remain motivated and achieve your goal. you can either click photos or record it in a diary.

The main thing is if you only want to loose weight and not focus on getting fit then you can decrease your diet a lot but this will not help in gaining any muscle mass and you might not look good  which i guess is not your motive. Check my blog on How to Lose Chest Fat without Surgery in 12 weeks.

Hope you liked my blog. If you have any queries you can comment in the comment section.

Thank You!

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